It’s About (Tea) Time

Hello Internet, welcome to this new blog of mine.

When I want to take time for myself, one of my favorite activities is to make a cup (or two) of tea and curl up with a good novel or film. Genre and length don’t really matter to me.  While I am watching a movie or reading a book, I am able to escape my monotonous daily life and enter new worlds and adventures.   Sometimes my beverage of choice may change, but tea is clearly the best option when you just want to cuddle up – even in the dead of summer.

I have always been vocal about my opinions on movies, books, television, etc. so I finally decided to make a blog dedicated to my reviews of all things entertainment.  My main goal is to entertain my readers, but second only to that is to not let this blog become an “occasional thing”.  I would very much like to be consistent with my review postings.  After all, I have no problem finding the time to tell others what I think, so hopefully I can make the time to write about what I think.

You may wonder who I am, where I am from, or how my upbringing influenced my opinions; but for the time being I would like to stay anonymous.  Eventually, I may change my mind but for the time being I would like the focus to be on the films and novels (maybe television shows) themselves.  Until then, you may refer to me as…




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